Power outage caused 30+ zwave devices to disappear and getting dropped message error

I had a power outage and when things came back on I lost about 30 out of 55 devices. I don’t have any full backups to restore so I think I have to just add them back but I noticed I am getting these messages in the zwave js logs every couple seconds now. Any idea how to fix this? I can’t figure out what node is sending the message either because this is all that keeps getting output in the logs.

2022-06-09T03:30:40.558Z SERIAL « 0x011800040003125601320221740000000000050000000007a567 (26 bytes)
2022-06-09T03:30:40.563Z DRIVER Dropping message because the driver is not ready to handle it yet.
2022-06-09T03:30:40.566Z SERIAL » [ACK] (0x06)

Set your Logging level to Verbose or Debug and see what’s showing up. When you say “lost 30/55” do you have a mix of zwave and other tech? If so, are the zwave or others or a mix missing? Zwave device info is stored on the controller, so they will be persistent between systems. What state is your Z-Wave JS Integration in? (Settings / Devices / Configure on the Z-Wave JS integration)
e.g. image

Sounds like you may have node(s) flooding the network. This happened to me a few times when I was using HomeSeer (Z-NET) after power outages. Generally when the power would flicker (quickly turn off then back on again).

You should be able to see if that is happening when you change you logging to debug or silly. You could trying cycling power (breaker panel?) on all the powered nodes, as sometimes that will ‘reset’ the node and return it back to normal. I would also do the same for the controller.

lost 30 out of 55 zwave devices. Only zwave devices were affected. I have logs set to Silly but the only things I am seeing are the dropped message every 5 seconds and MeterCCReport from one of the nodes.

Silly logs arent showing much of anything except the dropped message every 5 seconds so I dont think anything is flooding the network. I did turn off the breaker for two minutes but that didnt seem to help.

Did u power cycle your HA hardware and the USB stick?

Yeah I did but no luck. I have concluded that the zwave controller config must have gotten corrupted or something with the improper shutdown. I used some other zwave controller software from silicon labs to see if the devices were there on the controller but they weren’t.

Do the devices show in the list but are marked “Dead”?

It’s a good question. I have seen some of my zwave devices need some manual attention after power outages / power fluctuations. If that node is the bridge to your other nodes - that could certainly cause this kind of outage.

nope, completely gone.

This doesn’t happen without user intervention usually, what nodes show up in zwavejs2mqtt’s control panel?

I already re-added everything that was missing so too late to tell. I will remember to check this if it happens again. I did use a simplicity studio plugin to check out what was on the controller and it was only showing the nodes that were showing up in Home Assistant.