Power Outage made HA go on the fritz

I had a power outage that did some freaky stuff to my HA install. I’m running HAOS on an Intel NUC. The webpage keeps cycling back between what appears to be 2 instances of HA: 2023.7.1 and 2023.9.2 (current). The page will refresh every 15-20 seconds and the about section will show HA Core 2023.7.1 or 2023.9.2, and some changes that I know I made in the 2023.9.2 image do show up when it’s on that version (automation names, helper instances, etc…) so I’m not just seeing things.

I’ve managed to make backups of both instances that appear to be good, and I plan to try and restore to the more recent one since it has changes that I like running on it.

My thought is that I would just do a factory reset of HA and then just restore from the backup, but I don’t see any option to do so.

Should I just try a general restore to the 2023.9.2 backup I created? Is there a CLI method to do a factory reset? Or am I booting from the Ubuntu flash drive and re-imaging from there?

You need to do a fresh install and then on the onboarding page restore your backup.

Although you can just do a restore from the backup page which should be like a factory reset and restore.

I would personally start from fresh and restore. Then make your first priority setting up auto backups to Google drive or NAS.