Power outage.. Oh oh

I’m running Home Assistant in a VirtualBox VM on my Windows 10 NUK
We had a 3 hour power outage and now HA on VirtualBox will not start.

Am I doomed to starting from scratch?

If you have a backup of all your .yaml files, or are running a version of Home Assistant that has the Supervisor, you have hopefully taken regular snapshots and can easily spin up a new VM and restore.

Unless you have some overwhelming need to run Windows, don’t. Running VMs with something like Proxmox is far more reliable.

Thanks Jason,
I do take Home Assistant snapshots every two week though the Supervisor section of HA… I’m not sure how to get to the .yaml files

I’ve been researching Proxmox, I am learning it’s pretty great. I stayed clear once I found out you either run Windows or Proxmox. I may have looked at this the wrong way… I was thinking about running Proxmox in Windows but I think i should be looking at running Windows in Proxmox

If I do need to start from scratch (ugh). I think I will look into Proxmox

Yes, you can run a Windows VM using Proxmox.