Power plug with energy meter Swiss Plug

I have already two sonoff pow. Now I want a more ready to use solution and I stumbled upon the one below.
Does anyone know this?

What brand is this plug? Can it be integrated in HA? Can I flash it with tasmota?

I’m really interested in smart plug with the Swiss socket style

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The only power metering plug for Switzerland that I used is the myStrom one and it’s way too expensive (as everything over here :rofl: like the Xiaomi door sensors, 25 CHF really? I got 15 of them from gearbest for 100 CHF incl. shipping).

I just don’t trust this Aliexpress stuff for anything mains powered.

I’m using following 2:

  • for Zigbee Network - Osram (doesn’t have power monitoring), but I have to use them as a Zigbee repeaters for some sensors
  • Neo Coolcam - z-Wave - have power comsumption

For powerplugs without power monitoring I use the IKEA plugs.

60 CHF for a power plug with power monitoring, that’s way too expensive in my opinion.

thanks for all replies. yes indeed. 60 Bucks is way too expansive if you need more than one as i intend to …

I hope that I’m wrong, but it looks like the situation did not improve in 2022 :confused: when checking CH Devices. It’s either “you need to calibrate” or “open the switch and fiddle with it”. In the end I don’t even care about Tasmota. Is there really no CH plug with power metering that works halfway reliably with HA?

Price for me (in EU) is about 23 EUR - and this is reasonable.

I’m looking for the same thing, for some time now, and with no luck.
I was able to find something on Aliexpress, Zigbee smart plug CH, but apparently it’s a scam seller, as after almost 2months it still wasn’t shipped so I was refunded. :frowning:
I gave up on Zigbee, now I’m trying to find something with MQTT, as I don’t want to use some wifi device with dedicated app.

So finally I was able to find CH Zigbee plugs, with and without power monitoring, on AliExpress of course. Price is decent, delivery was fast and they work flawlessly.
If anybody else needs swiss (or other) Zigbee plugs I can only recommend these ones.


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Do you use them with ZHA or Zigbee2Mqtt? I found some Lellki devices in the Device list from ZHA but not this exact model.

With ZHA, and they work without any issues. Quite happy with them.

I recommend checking out the “ATHOM global store” (https://athom.aliexpress.com/store/) on Ali. Sometimes they have swiss tasmota smart plugs. Was lucky enough to buy one tasmota pre flashed for 12chf. But now they’re gone :frowning:
Maybe they’ll come back in some time.


We have added this product to our assortment. It is the ESPhome version. It can be added to Home Assistant in a matter of seconds. We manage 24-hour delivery and, of course, any warranty claims.
We will soon be adding other ESPhome-based products to our catalogue. https://shop.swiss-domotique.ch/en/wall-plugs/2358-athom-technology-esphome-wifi-plug-in-swiss-format.html

Hi, will you be adding a Zigbee version? I always avoid Wi-Fi devices wherever possible and go for Zigbee devices, I believe many people do.

Hello, yes we will also add Zigbee Swiss wall plugs if the tests are positive. If you want, please feel free to send an email to our support and we will contact you when ready.