Power plug with power usage monitoring but without a relay

It seems when I used “Activete”, it is better, however some values still missing (like W and energy) and I wonder if I MUST have a MQTT to use it within HA

So, it seems I’m a bit further :slight_smile: I think the only part is missing is the power calibration, so I can see the consumption. I tried it with the documentation, but I still can’t figure out

Well in my case hacking an existing product is not really what I’m after.

I want one where there isn’t a relay in it to begin with. It’s a point of failure. It could be turned off. Keeping it on requires power (unless it’s an always closed one but still).

Literally wires connected a-b without interruptions, then the energy measuring and zigbee component can just leech off some of the power for their own use to do their thing and report in to HA.

I agree, I’d like this too. I have power plugs on my washing machine, fridge and dishwasher that have been on, so the relay energised, for years.

I’m using PLF12 from KaufHA.
Yes - they do have a button but as mentioned in an earlier post this button can be disabled easily. In fact in one of mine I’ve disabled it and so no matter how many times or how long I press the button - nothing happens.
But also - don’t forget that you have Home Assistant. You could set up an automation that turns on the plug/relay immediately if someone turns it off.
I have a plug on my refrigerator. The outlet and plug is behind the refrigerator so it’s difficult to get to. You will have to pull out the refrigerator. But having a plug with a relay actually comes in handy in a couple of scenarios - one being when I needed to defrost it, another when I replaced the water dispenser,
True - this does not address your concern about the relay being a point of failure but with Home Assistant at least you have a way of knowing it almost right away and do something - whether it’s the relay, the plug or even what-ever is plugged into it that fails.

I want to measure my computer and servers and other things, that automation trick might work for fridges or such, but not computers.

I messaged the Sonoff guys and asked if they would consider making something the size of the new “mini” switch but just with power monitoring and no relay… They said it was a good idea and would be added to the consideration list.
Classic canned response but I had to ask :slight_smile:

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If your computer that runs Home Assistant is “behind that plug” then I agree.
In that case you could transfer the automation to ESPHome (The PLF12 that I referenced runs ESPHome) but disabling the button on that plug is 100 times easier and you would avoid the annoyance of computers and servers automatically restarting …

I have a CT clamp on my servers power cable, connected to Esphome, that way the power is never disconnected. I had to modify the power cable by removing a small portion of the outer insulation to get the CT clamp on the live wire. I did intend putting it all in an enclosure but it just lives on top of my rack so not visible.

CT clamp is an option… But then have to wory about how to power the ESP device that it’s plugged into.

Not sure if OP is still looking, but I found this: https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-pm-mini-gen-3

And the Z-Wave variant: https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-qubino-wave-pm-mini

Posting this here for people who are looking for something similar.

Yeah the Shelly PM device looks perfect, although a plug format device would mean no changes required to wiring. But now I’m being picky!