Power Quality Monitoring

Hey All,

I recently had an issue where my utility power was dipping below 112v and causing all sorts of weird issues. For a while I thought it was my HVAC doing it because that is when I noticed it the most. I have a sense home energy monitor and even though it would show me my line voltage it didn’t actually log it. That is until I found a new feature in the Sense Labs that they are working on and I’m kind of impressed.

They are now tracking Voltage Dips and Spikes which is really helpful when you are trying to convince your utility provider that there is an issue. I’m sure this could also be helpful if you are tracking solar production etc. There are other less cloud connected devices that will report voltage and line levels and having a way to log and track that info could compliment the energy dashboard.

Here is what my sense is showing me and its been really helpful: