Power reading multiplied x10 from wifi switch from Tuya

I have a few switches (wifi wallplugs) and stripes (also wifi).
There is power entity available both in Tuya app (smartlife) and in HA.
Few devises are aligned with the app.
Unfortunately not all devices show the same value for power reading and it looks like it is multiplicated by 10.
For example: router connected to one of the plug shows in smartlife app 7-8 Wh as current usage but in HA I have got 70-80. When I connected to this plug also a laptop (which shows 30 wh in another plug) the reading in app was about 38-40, but in HA it was 380-400.
The device shows in the app firmware versions V.1.0.5. It is gosund device. App does show any new version.
HA is in 2022.11 version.

Any suggestions how to fix it?
Do you know how to upgrade the plug to newer firmware, maybe this the problem.

Best regards

Did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue. Every “W” and “V” value is multiplied by exactly 10 on one specific group of devices.

There are two solutions: helper (new sensor) which will multiply the reading by 0.1 or and better tuya-local integration which gives correct reading out-of-the-box :slight_smile: