Power supply switcher?

I am going to install EV wallbox in next weeks.
Car will be parked in the parking of friendly company with a lot of photovoltaic power.
Wallbox will be connected to the grid via power line I will pay for as a typical “John Doe”.
Company have a lot PV excess and I have a permission to consume those surplus.

I am looking for a device that will allow to switch between three-phase supplies. Ultimate goal is to consume PV surplus when available and switch to residential power when there is not enough PV production.

Have you seen such device?
My research led me to two kinds of devices. One is automatic, optimized for grid/generator scenario and work is based on presence of grid voltage.
Other one is fully manual, like 1-0-2 lever, like in circuit breakers. I have no idea how to automate them.

Only thing that comes to my mind right now is to use contactors with some kind of interlock between them.

Any decent contactor manufacturer sells mechanically inter-lockable contactors. So you get 3 parts: 2 identical contactors and a interlock.

If you can’t find that, it is also possible to realise interlock with wiring of the command section.
Here is such circuit used to reverse a motor. You can redesign the load circuit easy for switching between two loads or two sources.
The command side will always stay the same. That is, how wiring of a interlock should be done, if no mechanical interlock available.

And yes, contactors are the only way, I would go, if it was my garage. They are designed to work with such high load…