Powercalc does not calculate the energy correctly

Hi there,

I have added 5 of my Google Home Mini to Powercalc using autodiscovery.

But the calculation of the power consumption is always the same for everyone, regardless of whether someone is playing something and regardless of the volume. Do I still have to configure the devices manually in Powercalc? I thought this happened automatically?

Thank you

This is just a guess, but it could be that the integration only really handles English state names, so if your device use a word other than playing for state, then it might not detect it correctly and you might have to set it up manually.

@NightWatcher It should work automatically. I suggest you to create an issue on github, than we can work things out.

Hey everybody, I think it was my problem.

The Chromecast consumes so little more power in play mode compared to idle mode, that I did’nt see that difference.

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