Powering a Smart / Magic Mirror for Bathroom

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We are having an extension put onto our house in the next few months (hopefully!) And as part of that a new en-suite bathroom will be built.

In that I’d like to fit a smart mirror (DIY probably) so that the display can be used for netflix etc while in the bath.
The issue I’m having is looking at regulations for power in bathrooms (UK) and it basically says no sockets within 3mtrs of a bath.
How are people powering their smart mirrors while complying with the relevant regulations for power in bathrooms?

The ensuite itself is probably going to be around 2.5m X 2m so it will always be within 3m of the bath!

I don’t know the regulations for the UK but here we have a similar regulation but it only counts for mains (230V AC). So laying a 5V DC or 12V DC cable to your mirror could be a solution. Maybe take another look into your regulations.

The regs in the UK for above a bath are below, so no socket but can have LV cable and maybe install the transformers in the loft / adjacent room. Note the mirror must be IPX4 or higher rated, ie waterproof

Bathroom Zone 1:
The area directly above zone 0, limited to a height of 2.25m above the bath or shower. Electrical items installed in this area must have an IP rating of IPX4 or higher. Items installed into zone 1 can be mains voltage, but if so must be fitted to a 30ma RCD. Low voltage items can also be installed in this area, but the transformer must be located outside of zone 2.

UK here - I have a google home mini in the ensuite and its powered from the shaver socket (using a US micro USB adapter) not sure if you can power the mirror via micro USB

RCD is similar to GFI in US.

It doesn’t sound like mains power not allowed just that you must have the ground protected outlet and IPX4 (splash protection) rated device. Best to ask your contractor if using one and maybe ask too installers who do this to clarify.

Mains Electrical items that are IPX4 or higher can be installed but a socket outlet (or any other outlet) is certainly not IPX4 rated.

Have a search for bathroom tv installation, there’s lots on electrical forums on how to do it. Mainly run the cables to the loft of adjacent room and connect there

Thanks for the comments all - sounds like a transformer in the roof space above is probably the best option.
I guess DIY mirror is probably off the board given it would need to be IPX4 rated?

If you can put it in Zone 3 (outside of Zones 0-2) then it doesn’t need to be waterproof

This is a good doc also:

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Thanks that’s awesome - I’ll have a read of the document linked :slight_smile: