Powering Aeotec multi sensor via lighting ring?


I picked up a couple of multisensor 6’s for £15 each, so I couldn’t not have them… I love the thought of running via power not batteries as I get more up to date data. I can fit on in the bathroom easy enough, as I have power in the loft above.

However I want one in the kitchen, but only power I can “tap into” would be the light ring main, I am guessing I shouldn’t be trying to connect it to that right? :slight_smile:


I don’t see why not (with the help of an electrician). A USB power supply will draw a fraction of an amp, even a multi-port one will draw under a couple of amps, if you’ve already switched to lower power bulbs, then there should be more than enough capacity in a modern lighting circuit.

ahh thanks, so not as a daft idea as I thought… :wink: