Powering an ESP32 through C-Wire

If anyone ends up here, i’ve been running with this for 3 weeks now, and its great, saved a lot of money with my power company peek hour policies

The only difference between the V2 picture and my final setup is that i found a 24VAC to 5VDC power converter, so i was able to skip the stepdown, pretty cheap also. Just had to salvage an old micro-usb cable i had, and solder matching wires from usb to the converter


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These are interesting devices.

In pictures below, two notes I have found on shopping for these:

  1. Some support either AC or DC input, while others only allow DC.

  2. The wiring placement is different on different models. Most claim some level if IPxx water proofing, I’ve yet to test. My point on this in the second picture, some of them have the wire entries at the top of the case, while others are at bottom. Not that either would have helped in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’…

Shop carefully.

Good hunting!