Powering the house with HA

Using HA and Homebridge to control the house. Using an Iconia W700 as the brain of the house and I am starting to install flush mounted tablets as controllers.

Currently using mainly Z-wave and just started adding in Zigbee.


Had to split photos between posts…

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That’s one way to make a Windows tablet useful!

I found Kiosk mode on an old iPad to be perfect :ok_hand:

That’s next. Still haven’t done that yet. Question, once I set that up, can FaceTime still be used? I was thinking about using it for like a pseudo intercom system… or does the kiosk mode prevent that functionality?

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Ok when I get a regular call or FaceTime the ringer notification plays and shows on the the iPad, but have to exit Kiosk mode to actually answer the call, takes a couple of seconds but definitely usable