Powermax Plus (visonic)

I’m new on this site and with this subject. I have a Powermax Plus visonic system connected over TCP with ip nummer. The connection is via visonic link and I can retrieve my system via explorer. Question I have: What are the basic steps to connect this system with the Homeassistant (Raspberry pi 2b) with hassio image installed and what do I have to configure to make it work. I have read and followed the link: https://github.com/davesmeghead/visonic. I struggle with the:

Put the files in your custom_components directory that is within your HA config directory. I have included the python library REQUIREMENTS in visonic.py but in case that doesn’t work you would need to install some python libraries yourself:

sudo pip3 install pyserial
sudo pip3 install python-datetime
sudo pip3 install pyserial_asyncio