Poweropti / powerfox powermeter integration

Is anyone aware of an effort to create an integration with the poweropti from powerfox to bring their powermeta data into HA?

I have just found their openHAB intrigration and their customer API description, both in german.

Would also be highly interested.
Using powerfox poweropti and HA, but adapting the powerfox customer API documentation into some kind of HA integration unfortunately is way beyond my abilities.

You could use the SmartThings integration to pull the data into HA…

Thanks for the idea, but for me the SmartThings integration does not show any values from Powerfox (not even in SmartThings) and if it would work, we only get the current power consumption. Unfortunately not the total number of the meter.

A local/LAN data to HA polling option would be the best, supposedly there will be such a poweropti mode soon.

Yes you are right, ti doesnt show the total meter value. I will look into this. Maybe we can get this added.

but the ST integration works in my setup. Did you try again recently?

U can use Nodered in Homeassistant to get all Data you need


With editing the Flow you can get all FeedIn and Consumption Data e.g. Today, last year, this year - all of the Powerfox API

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This works very good.
I am not a Nodered pro and I can’t get the other data to work.
Can you please post the flow for Consumption data?
I only get the actual watt.

Thank you :wink:

Use my forked version of the NodeRed Flow from @plaxtika, with the current sensor.powerfox_meter_energy (total power meter count in kWh) and sensor.powerfox_meter_power (currently used in W):

Otherwise I have never used NodeRed before, so any feedback is apricaied :slight_smile:

Works great, thank you

Sorry, I am a total newby in HomeAssistant.

Can you pls help me where to add which info ? I installed now note-red, but wonder, where to enter the code

Thanks, Oliver

I found an alternate way presented here: Powerfox in Homeassistant Integrieren – Api auslesen – Smartebude
It works perfectly without using Node-RED

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thanks for the hint. I am using it now since few weeks. Works like a charm

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Theres always something new - amasing :slight_smile:

state_class: total_increasing can be wrong if you also feed to the grid thanks to a PV system.

my nativ hass config:

# Powerfox
- platform: rest
  name: powerfox_meter_energy
  # friendly_name: "Powerfox Stromzähler"
  resource: https://backend.powerfox.energy/api/2.0/my/main/current?unit=kwh
  username: !secret powerfox_username
  password: !secret powerfox_password
    - A_Plus
    - Watt
    - Timestamp
  value_template: "{{ value_json.A_Plus }}"
  unit_of_measurement: kWh
  # icon: mdi:transmission-tower-import
  # last_reset: 2019-01-01T00:00:00+00:00
  device_class: energy
  state_class: total
- platform: template
      friendly_name: "Powerfox Stromzähler power"
      value_template: "{{ state_attr('sensor.powerfox_meter_energy', 'Watt') }}"
      # icon: mdi:transmission-tower
      device_class: power
      unit_of_measurement: W
      # state_class: measurement

I tried it to, but i don’t receive any data in energy. I don’t know why.

Do you get any Watt(Leistungswerte/Power values) value from the powerfox api request or inside the app? Did you enter your Powermeter PIN? Take a look at “Ich erhalte trotz PIN-Eingabe nur Zählerstände und keine Leistungswerte” at Faq - poweropti

did you try to open the resource link in a browser? entering the correct credentials should result in a JSON like this:


Now it works! Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I also looked at the device and came across something that I consider very important.
From the 4th year there is an annual fee of €4.99. Which in turn leads me to the question of whether the device can still be used at all afterwards without payment?


Hi, did you placed at configuration.yaml? If yes, which class? sensor: ?

I did it like that:


But like to have more vaulues like Watt.

THX Michael