Powerpal smart energy monitor

Localvolts provide 5 minute pricing. Amber do the 30 minute averaging you are referring to.

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I just updated my setup to 2024.6.6 and I now have uploading happening automatically to Powerpal as well, with no API key. I realised that my original device had flat batteries so they express posted me a new one, and as part of this worked on getting the uploading working again.

  id: powerpal_cloud_uploader
  verify_ssl: false

That was the only thing I needed to include this time and it has been uploading to HA and Powerpal now for a week post setup. Otherwise very similar to the other code mentioned previously.

That’s interesting.

Did you retain these elements as follows?

    #powerpal_apikey: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    powerpal_device_id: xxxxxx
    # http_request_id: powerpal_cloud_uploader
    cost_per_kwh: 0.30 #dollars per kWh

Nope I haven’t any of them set. I have the cost set in the Powerpal app instead, and it seems to be able to work out the device id. The only things specific to my Powerpal is the MAC in the ble_client section and then the pairing code in the sensor section. Other than that is has just worked out of the box when I renewed it all. It took until the next day for everything to start flowing properly, but it has been updating no issue and my phone tells me it isn’t connected to the Powerpal.

Thanks for sharing that. I’ve just commented out all 4 of those lines now and will see if I get any update in Powerpal App tomorrow.

Hi @bavotto

No update of data in my Powerpal app today.

Any chance you could post your YAML files so I can compare with mine?