Pre-built devices?

Hi, I’m few months close to do major reworks in my house.
It’s a quite little house with 3 floors and a garden.
HA looks great, but probably I won’t have enough time to build with ESPs / tinker with every single physical part to make it work.

Can you suggest me any brand/device I can buy that is going to work without many headaches with HA?

What I can and ofc want to control ( :rofl: ) is:
internal and external lights (so need help with choosing switches too);
opening/closing blinds;

cooling and heating - will have a new heat pump;
photovoltaic - will have it;
about these two, should i mention to the company that will install them that I’d like to monitor the energy and its consumption, or is it something that i can add later? any suggestion about which products, in that case?

electricity plugs - to monitor the consumption and turn on/off devices from remote, if needed;
watering system for the garden;
security cameras;
temperature sensors;
anything i probably want but i forgot;

Any help about any of these parts will be super appreciated.
Thank you!