Precense dection

So i have 3 people that i want to monitor weather they are home or not. 2 of 3 the i can monitor via there iphone’s mac address. The other use has an android. I have all 3 users devices setup in knowndevices.yaml but for whatever reason, The anroid user phone wont change status no matter what. Can i setup presence dection via ping? if so how do i add it into the knowndevices.yaml file/

Just adding them to the known devices file won’t track them. You need to set up a presence detection integration.

How are you tracking the two iphones?

Ping can be setup via the instructions below. Note that this is a binary sensor not a presence detection (device_tracker) integration. It will report ‘connected’ or ‘disconnected’ not ‘home’ or ‘not_home’.

My personal suggestion is to use a combination of WiFi based, and Bluetooth based, tracking - for each device.

By then putting those trackers in a group, you have a high(er) confidence tracker that doesn’t mark people as away simply because the phone went to sleep.

Instead of groups to link multiple devices (belonging to the same person) together, you can also use the Person integration.

I dont want/need to know where they are. I just want/need to know weather they are at home or not. Right now im able to see if they are home via the Mac Address of there phones. That seems to be working fine for the 2 iphone users

until they turn off wifi, the phone reboots, or runs out of battery… then they won’t be home, which is why I use a combination of mac address/home wifi connection and a location based tracker.

How are these two phones being tracked? What integration is being used?

The two phones that are being tracked are tracked via there mac address

I cant really do bluetooth because im running my HA on a vmware esxi VM. I tried adding a usb bluetooth adaptor but its not strong enough to detect anything.

Yes you can, you can use monitor just fine.