Precipitation local weather service as a condition


I am a Homey convert and had an automation to turn on the BEregner depending on the weather forecast.

With this I had built in as a condition a json query for the precipitation forecast of the day, and only if the precipitation is equal to 0 he has switched on, with Hasso I do not manage this nachzubaune,m can someone help?

The query was the following, how can I incorporate that as a condition?

And this was the parameter to extract for the precipitation of the day: $.forecasts[0].rainTo

Thanks in advance.


Can’t you just have a weather integration and use the attribute of the entity?

could you plese explain me better? where didi you get this data?

Add one of these integrations:
Integrations - Home Assistant (

Not sure about what each gives you but most will probably give you forecast.