Precision of temperature sensor at zha/

I notice that under class temperature there is devisor by 100. For ex temperature of 2123 would be presented as 21.2, not 21.23.
Could You create this class more precision? Compare to integration xiaomi miio we would get full temperature as 21.23. Unfortunately HA will not register same temperature.

Don’t know how it would be works, but I need to get precision of 1/100 not 1/10. Aqara can do that, ZHA didn’t. Tested on Aqara temperature sensor with Aqara gateway and Sonoff gateway with tasmota to zha.

zha/ :
class Temperature(Sensor):
“”“Temperature Sensor.”""

SENSOR_ATTR = "measured_value"
_attr_device_class: SensorDeviceClass = SensorDeviceClass.TEMPERATURE
_attr_state_class: SensorStateClass = SensorStateClass.MEASUREMENT
_divisor = 100

You’re likely confused between the internal value and how it’s presented by lovelace.
Check the actual value in the developer tools.

There is no difference. Same values, long status interval. I have to check under zigbee2mqtt and temperature sensor is reporting with 1/100 accuracy. Unfortunately after HA restart Lovelace sensors loose data and gateway did not sending last status.