Predictable forecast max temperature today

Can someone recommend a source/integration for a predictable forecast max temperature “today”.

The build in weather.home from if giving the forecast max only for the days after today. And ofc I can store the number for temorrow and use it tomorrow, but this wouldn’t be updated anymore, if something is happening on a short notice.

The I tried openweathermap, which returns such a value both on daily and on hourly sensor. But to be honest this is not very predicatbel, neither hourly nor daily.

Here a view on their forecast in an own template sensor derived from the hourly. And no, this is not the hourly forcast, I’m looping over all hourly values and store only the max, wherever it is, so it is really their forcasted daily max.


So at the beginning of the days the forecasted a max of the whole day 25.5, but came to the conclusion a 1pm that the max will be 29.5. And I had days with a difference for more than 7 or 8. The real max was 30.5 during the day.

Is someone using another source or way, which gives a more predictable forecast, which is perhaps only ~1-2 change in the forecast and +/- of the days +/- the real as_is temperatures.