Preparing Home Assistant screen just looping

Hi everyone,
Looking for a little expert guidance. So I have a Dell laptop that I am trying to use for home assistant rather than going through the endless problems I have had with a Raspberry Pi3 and SDcards…

So I have installed Ubuntu server 18.04.4 LTS, Docker then home assistant and Portainer. Following the tutorial at Juanmtech here

Everything apart from HA went well and seems to be working. This screen is as far as I can get with HA-:

I have had a look around Portainer and get the following-:

I am very new to Linux and have a little experience with HA but could an expert please tell me where to start sorting this out? seems I have just one hurdle let to go then I can restore my snapshot hopefully.



Hei Simon!
I’m having the exact same issue.
Running on an IBM x3550. Pretty overkill just for hassio, but I have other plans as well. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know here if I get any further. Please do the same.

yes I have sorted mine out. I ended up starting over with a new download of Ubuntu and going through the tutorial above word for word.
My problem was the DHCP side of things. When I first installed it my router gave it an address I didnt want to use, so I manually changed it. That was my mistake, I should have just reserved the IP address in the router at the start using the mac address.
Thats going to be an awesome HA server when you get it going, certainly room for expansion. lol

Turned out I had a different issue.
Docker was not happy with my LVM setup.