Preparing Home assistant taking too long

This is my first time installing Home assistant. I am installing it on a raspberry pi 3 b+ using a 32gig sd card. After I slot the card into the pi and powered it, after a while this is what displays and it gets stuck there for a long time. Has anyone encountered such a problem and was able to solve it?

Hi there…Are you installing it in docker?

I’m not sure. I’m new to this so I just followed instructions from a YouTube video. What is docker and how do I go about it? Thanks.

Try this route

Please share the link of the video you followed to get an understanding of what process you have taken.

Here is it.

Those were the steps I followed

Are you using wifi or ethernet?

I must insist. If this is your very first venture into HA and you already have a pi, go the official route, the link above. It’s the simplest way. Read carefully and follow every step. Let us know of any problem.

Wifi please

Okay, I’ll try again.

next time try with ethernet and see if it goes through. How did you get the logs?

I used the ethernet but had the same challenge. I got the logs using the android app.

You should try the process again. I have checked and it seems that this particular problem persists for some users and there has not been any solution. The advisable method is to initiate a fresh install. i think that official version is same as that of the youtube video.

Okay, I’ll try again and if there are any issues I’ll post it. Thanks