Prepay meter - Enter remaining kWh into HA

How do i do a “Manual” sensor value entry into HA?

I used a pulse counter on my PrePay meter - Prepay meter - estimate when close to zero - How do i? - but the code on the ESP was running MicroPython and with frequent power outages, the unit did not always boot when grid power return.

I am now using ESPEasy to do the pulse counting and convert to kWh that is send to HA once every min. and it has been rock solid.

With changing to ESPEasy, i no longer have the function to send my PrePay meter value - Was a Manual entry as well - to HA to estimate when i need to purchase electricity again.

How can i enter the value into HA?
I created a input field, but i am not happy with my results.

    name: PrePay kWh
    initial: 0
    min: 0
    max: 5000
    step: .01
    mode: box

I would like to have an input field that set a sensor value that i can use to:

  1. Decrement as power is used
  2. Use the value to estimate when i need to purchase more electricity.

Any help will be appreciated as i am not that good with HA yet…