Presence and Tracking Options

Ive been reading alot about various device tracker (BLE iBeacons, FIND) and presence detection methods and I wanted to get my understanding down to make sure I get the various methodologies.

  • FIND - Used with OwnTracks or Zanzito will use strength of Wifi singals to determine location in house, locates the phone.
  • Happy Bubbles - Detects BLE devices around it, such as your phone or a iBeacon tag, reports seeing those to the server, need to use Happy Bubbles server to reduce to noise to be more accurate. Would tag individual items/people and track their location relative to the devices.
  • Phone as Beacon Tracker - Uses stationary iBeacon to augment your GPS location by using predefined waypoints, but can also be used to track mobile items, such as keys, dogs, backpacks.

These are the main ideas as I understand them. If I wanted to track my kid (with no phone) around the house, I would need to tag him, or maybe configure Happy Bubbles to look for his Fitbit?

If I wanted to do better room detection, I would need happy bubbles looking for phones/devices, or FIND looking for phones?

What else am I missing?