Presence - Consider not_home

Hello all,

I’m using rpi3 bluetooth for device tracking and turn on lights when I come back home.
Sometimes during the night my device (that’s always plugged on charger) goes “missing” for few minutes, resulting in turning on the lights in the lounge when it “comes back”.

Reading device tracker documentation I’ve found out that there is a “consider_home” parameter, I was wondering if there is something like “consider_not_home”, in short I would need that when my device is not reachable by bluetooth get marked “not_home” after few minutes.

I think the whole point of consider_home is to mitigate the problem you have, the idea is to set the consider_home to something more than the sleep value of the phone such that the lights won’t come on when the phone wakes up periodically to connect to the bluetooth and HA see’s it again.

I’d also suggest adding bluetooth tracking and group the two trackers.

I’ve done that, and the combination has proven totally reliable.