Presence Detection for other persons

I have established presence detection for myself using the Apple iCloud integration, when doing this I clickedon Family as I also want to detect when my other half is at home, This came back with all the Apple devices used by me and my wife, including her iPhone which I was going to use to determine that she is home. Looking at devices in settings it lists both her iPhone and Apple Watch but in Developer Tools looking at States it lists my iPhone and other devices but for my wife it is only listing her iPhone batter and Apple Watch battery.
Back in Settings and People I am able to assign my iPhone to my name but when I try to do this for my wife’s name entry the list of devices to chose from only contains my devices, none of hers.
Any thoughts on how I can assign one of her devices against her name?

The free Home Assistant Companion App is one of the easiest ways to get presence tracking, and also gives the phone the ability to view/control with dashboards.

Home Assistant Companion Docs | Home Assistant Companion Docs (

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Does this require a subscription to Nabu Casa cloud service?

Hi @dave8

If you only require local Home/Away presence detection, have a look at our Apple devices device tracker implementation with the Theengs Gateway HA Add-on

The discovered Apple device’s device trackers will then be assignable to different people, so might be what you’re looking for.

No, but it does require external access to your Home Assistance Instance using some proxy service.

Yes, this looks like what I am looking for but where do I locate it? I can’t find it in Add-on Store or HACS (sorry if this is a dumb question)

You can add the Add-on through this link

Thanks for your advise DigiH, I have installed Theengs Gateway on my HA and have been reading the documentation.In the section on Home Assistant Auto Discovery it provides this Info: Home Assistant discovers an Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad if you’ve configured their Identity MAC address and IRK.
Where in HA is the MAC address and IRK recorded for Apple devices. By the way, what is IRK?

I assumed you had read the introduction I gave in the first link, maybe you mainly looked at the pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you also got the connection to your MQTT broker working?

Follow the link in the

Once installed, follow the instructions on how to retrieve the Identity Bluetooth MAC Address and Identity Resolving Key for your Apple devices

paragraph, leading you to the appropriate section on the the same page in the documentation.

If you do not have a Mac to retrieve the Identity Resolving Keys for your devices, it might be a bit more involved, but there is also a separate thread about