Presence detection for renters (radiator switch off)

Hi all,

My situation is as follow:

I own multiple apartments in one block, witch are rented out. Those apartments share 1 main boiler for all the radiators, those radiators have their own valve so the temperature can be set by the renters themselves.

My issue:
Some renters forget to turn off their radiator when they leave the house. In addition some have their temperature set to high all the time.

I would like to automate this, so the radiator valve turns off when the house is empty. I just can’t figure out a fool-proof system for presence detection.
Wifi is not an option, bluetooth maybe, keypad can be forgotten and motion sensors aren’t doable (amount of sensors needed)

In addition, is there a way to measure “radiator usage” ? Maybe through temperature sensors?

Hope anyone has a genius idea for my problem…

p.s.: The main door (to enter the block) is opened by a rfid tag, so the renters are used to carry this tag on their key chain.

That seems rather invasive. I might want the heat on while I’m away for many reasons. For example, pet or guest comfort, drying my masterful Rembrandt forgery, etc…

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