Presence detection not detecting phone

I have DuckDNS configured and can remotely access HA externally from the HA app on my iPhone but I can’t for the life of me get it to show up as home or away in the dashboard.

I have:

  • Device Tracker component shows as ticked in HA on iOS
  • I’m connecting using my DuckDNS URL
  • I have the IOS: setup in my configuration.yaml file
  • Location settings on IOS I have the 4 update sources turned on
  • I tried to reset the IOS app to deafult
  • It hasn’t created the known_devices.yaml file if I manually create this file and put my phone in with the MAC Address it shows up but always says away and never updates
    -The battery level and state show up, it seems like battery state never updates but battery level does

Is there anything else I can try? I spent a couple of hours on this today and could not get it to work

Do you have a device Id set?

What do your location settings contain?

  • Zone enter/exit?
  • Background fetch?
  • significant location change?
  • push notification request?
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If you mean device ID on the iPhone app, Yes there is a device ID set… All I have done is add ios: to the configuration.yaml file, installed HomeAssistant app on my iphone and connect to HA on my phone via the DuckDNS URL. I made sure all the device tracking options are enabled in HA on my phone.

  • Zone enter/exit? enabled
  • Background fetch? enabled
  • significant location change? enabled
  • push notification request? enabled

I deleted and retyped the device id and it started working, thanks for the help.

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I had to do something similar on my wifes phone. Not sure why it did that.