Presence Detection: Not seeing my phone on Netgear Router in HA

Hi, I’m fairly new to HA and I previously had an automation that detected my MotoGPower (Android phone) when it logged into my Netgear R7800 - AC2600 and turned on an old Sonoff 10A. It was running on a Raspberry Pi3 and I have now moved up to a Dell Optiplex 3040 USFF.

I’m trying to set this up again and have installed the Netgear integration into my HA and am trying to find my phone inside Devices and Entities.

I see 8 unknown devices in “Netgear” Integration category. Besides that I see a MAC address that I don’t recognize, Chromecast, my desktop, the Sonoff, 4-Google minis, my Tablet and my Ethernet switch.

I can see my phone’s IP & MAC address on my Router page.

In HA I can go to Settings>People>(my name) and I try to associate a device and I get a similar list.

Is there something that I’m doing wrong here?


OK, I got it!!! haha
Note: After installing the Netgear intigration I couldn’t find my phone in devices. After much looking I found the phone by getting the IP and MAC addresses from my router then in Home Assistant going to Developer Tools>States and matching the IP and MAC addresses there with the list of Unknown Devices.

I then changed the name from Unknown to MotoGPower, used the copy in this filed then went back to Settings>People>(My Name) and pasting the copied entry from States to the Tracking field under the (My Name) field.

Tested and it’s working.

Thanks for listening. Your a very good listener! haha

I’m crawling back into my shell now…