Presence detection not working after updating to version core_2024.1.6

Hello HA community!

I’ll keep it short and crisp.
I’ve noticed that the presence detection for my wife and me is not working anymore. I was wondering why and checked the logbook for the presence detection and noticed, that it stopped logging the very moment I have updated the core to the version core_2024.1.6.

Here as a time line print:

I first thought it might be related to the companion app we use on our Pixel devices, but taking the update I did into account, I ruled it out.

My questions:
How can I debug why the presence detection does not work anymore? - I’m really new to HA so please, do not assume a lot of knowledge.
Is this already a known issue - I couldn’t find anything via search?
Can I savely go back to the Core version I have as a backup (2024.1.5)?

Thank you very much,

First thing first: what device trackers did you attach to yourself and your wife’s person entities (“Daniel” and “Vivien”)?

If I get you right, the answer is, that I installed the HA companion app - but I wrote that already :smiley: So maybe:
I used the mobile app integration that created the devices and attached these devices to our both accounts.

That’s what I mean

That’s how I did it. I created the two accounts for me and my wife and assigned the Pixel 7 to my wife and the Pixel 8 Pro to me.

Did you check if the geolocalisation sensors are enabled in the companion app?

Hey Chris,

sure I did - but since I installed the application on both phones, nothing was changed, nor was there an update installed. In fact, the geolocation should not be of interesst, as my HA is not connected to the cloud so it will just work by pure presence of the phone itself within the network.

So how do you expect that the HA app tells HA you’re away?

That’s another type of device tracker, one that interface with your router, typically.
The one coming from the HA app is actually using geolocation and it will only be able to tell that you are home, since it will only have connectivity to HA when you are connected to your home network. That, I guess, explains why you are always “home”.

No clue how it could have worked for you before…

Actually I think, considering the logs I’ve shown, that it was working - and I’ve seen the same answer before about an almost same topic - but there was a different solution to that.
I would actually be delighted if a developer of this stuff could give a statement if there was a change or if it was working just by accident for roughly a month. This cannot be a coincidence :smiley:
My understanding is, that it should work the same way how I detect if my PCs are on - with a simple ICMP ping, no messing around with a router would be required.