Presence detection/tracker for Comcast/Xfinity Router

I’d like to write presence-detection for my Comcast (Xfinity) router: a DPC3941T.

The front page of the router web interface gives an HTML table of connected devices with MAC addresses, so it should easy enough to parse them out…

I can see the /homeassistant/components/device_tracker package and DeviceTracker therein, but what’s the minimum I need to implement for a simple device tracker? The isn’t much help.

Is there some documentation perhaps?


why not just use nmap?

I have had less issues with it than when I relied on my router for info.

Thanks silvrr. I did setup nmap, but my devices are always shown as “away”. I see “nmap scan successful” appearing in the logs however.

Looking at the code there’s no log/debugging output if nmap returns no results (which I suspect is what happening)… If I run nmap from the command line it spots the phones.