Presence detection trigger with mobile app

I’m using the official mobile app, version 2021.12.3-full on an android phone. I’m trying to get it to register when I get home or leave. That works great the problem is if i’m within a 2 block or so (sorry don’t know the distance) area it triggers. So for example , when coming home, about 2 blocks away it triggers, and automations I have to trigger when I get home trigger) On the other side I have to go a minimum of 2 blocks before it recognizes that I’ve left the house. So my question is is there a setting or a way to decrease that distance, have it trigger say when I’m a half block away. I can figure out whatever the distance is (in either feet or meters by trial and error

Decrease the size of your home zone and make sure the minimum accuracy for your location sensors in the mobile app configuration are set to something reasonable.


      radius: 50

The radius value is in metres.

Knew it was going to be something simple like that. Works great now.

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