Presence detection using Unifi device and wifi connection

Thanks for this! I got it working this morning and tested it. My son left and it didn’t update for about 30 minutes. Is there a way to refresh faster?

Edit: looks like it is a bit random actually. Works “well enough” for sure.

If you are tracking apple devices and you can give them fixed IP addresses on your network, I would strongly recommend the iphonedetect integration. It is still based on WiFi connectivity but works even when the phone is asleep and 60 seconds can be used as a reliable timeout for home/away detection.

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I have a funny problem
I need to create an automatization based on the presence or non presence of a smart phone from Nokia. All other Automatization are based on either iPhones or normal androids, and they work perfectly.

The Nokia phone is showing up in the UniFi network app from UniFi, and I can see its mac address in there.

But when I go to Home Assistant, and look for that previously found mac address, it’s just doesn’t show up.

Any idea what I could do?

I just found the answer. Usually I am looking for device_tracker.unifi_mac, now I have to use default infront of the MAC address…