Presence Detection with Geofence


I would love to use Geofence
with Home Assistant. In my mind it is the best way to make geo detection.
Is there anybody out there who knows how to create a the connection from Geofence to Home Assistant?

It works great with FHEM (another home atomation solution)

Best regards, Marius

Geofency is now supported by Home Assistant:

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Ohhh thank you!!!
You’re great!

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Is anyone using Geofency with iBeacon? I tried to select that option, filling there the UUID of a Nut beacon (that I can I discover with an iOS scanner app) but Geofency doesn’t recognize it and it doesn’t trigger in?out events. What’s my mistake? I’ll appreciate your help.
Thank you

That’s strange - it should work. Have you double checked that you have the right UUID registered?

Yes I double checked but it doesn’t work. Could you kindly suggest me a way (or a procedure) to discover the right UUID to put in the Geofency settings? That will help me surely. Thank you in advance for your help.

I used an app called eBeacon to discover the UUIDs of my Avvel iBeacons. But I guess any beacon scanner app should work.

Hi all,
I tried to use the http basic auth function of GeoFency with username and password. However without success.
Is there any way to use it like this in Home Assistant or do I need to transfer my credentials via URL parameters?
I also used it this way in fhem.
Of course I want to use it with https.
Thank you for your help.

Edit: „?api_password=„ does not work. I think it is because I do not use API password, but my dedicated user with username and password.