Presence detection with HA App not working based on wifi?

I have the problem that my device_tracker.membersound remains in home state forever. Even if I switch my phone off, or walk around in my town.

I think at least the fact that my phone is then not connected to my home wifi anymore should be signal enough to tell HA that I’m not in zone.home anymore. But that never happens. What could be the cause?

In fact the HA UI still shows my mobile phone being connected to my wifi (in the sensor.membersound_wifi_connection state), although it is not. Is it because the HA app cannot report to raspberry when out of home? And thus HA still shows some kind of cached state?

I did not set up any device tracking myself. Just using the default one that is created when installing the HA mobile app.


Did you give the app location permissions? Location permissions are needed for android apps to be able to see wifi states and track wifi.

Also will need to enable ‘Background Location Tracking’ so it can update the wifi state while the app isn’t open.

Check the settings of the app for permissions.

Yes, Android. And everything is enabled, I just double checked it.

I had a problem where the app wasn’t updating the device tracker anymore.

I had to do the following:

  • Log out of app.
  • Clearapp storage/cache.
  • Restart HA
  • Log back into app.
  • Restart HA again.

It might create a 2nd device tracker. If it does, just delete the old one.

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