Presence tracking is not working. No one in my family is appearing on the map in HA and our last updated time is showing we haven't been updated in a while. Unsure why

I have downloaded the HA companion app to my wife and I’s phones. I have given both required permissions in our android phones. I can see that two device_tracker ids have now appeared.

For some reason though, the trackers are not updating ever and we cannot see our locations on the map. So none of presence tracking is working.

does anyone have any things for me to try? I’m stumped

This may be a stupid suggestion, but if I’m not mistaken your phones need to be able to access your Home Assistant instance from remote, otherwise they are always seen as at home.

I am seeing something similar too. For some reason my wife’s phone will almost never update the GPS location. However the Geocode sensor gets updated very frequently and accurately. I think I will be creating a new “GPS” template sensor out of the Geocode sensor since it works better in this case.