Presence with Fing

I have signed up for access to this SDK and thought I would post a link here in case others are interested. Seems to me that Fing and HA would be a good matchup.

I supported the fingbox on indigogo and definitely interested in HA integration happening.

BTW if anyone is interested I saw that the fing app has a tab with what seems to be an option to get a discount on fingbox.

My fingbox is here and installed so would be happy to beta test any HASSIO integration.

Same here - but I have to say that I’m a little disappointed at the moment.
Fing seems to take about 8 min as well to recognize a device is not on the network any more.
My Unifi controller takes 10 min and I was having high hopes that Fing would be much quicker.

In both cases it’s too long to notify me if I left a window open or forgot to close my garage door :disappointed:

You can adjust the “state change timeout” time for each devices when you click on the device

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That was easy :slight_smile:

Me too. Happy to help… but afaik there is no API yet.
Apparently api and IFTTT are in the roadmap though

My Fingbox has been delivered, but I am away for a couple of days and have not set it up yet…

Here is an article I found about connecting Fingbox to IFTTT.

I saved it so I could read it more in-depth once I had it working to see if I could use it as a starting point of how I might integrate my Fingbox with HA and some other services I run at home.

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I made a suggestion to Fing some time ago, to add an MQTT configuration into Fingbox, so that when a device connects/disconnects is seen/unseen that it could push a status to an MQTT broker which could then be used by Home Assistant. They said they were very interested in presence detection as a feature of Fingbox for the future, so maybe one day this will happen. Having the Fingbox (or router) push a status of the device to the broker seemed a much cleaner way that having to share your router login with HA etc.


I’ve been a Domotz user for about 1.5 years now, and I love the service, although they’ve started to introduce some annoying limitations for remote connections, and so I’ve been eyeing Fingbox (same parent co)… Anyone make the change? Thoughts? Most functionality is the same, but the with the exception of remote access pinned through a cloud service is not currently supported w/ fingbox…

I received my Fingbox a couple of days ago (this post got me to look into it and purchase one) so now hoping that someone can assist integrating with HA. I could see some great possibilities with this.

Yes its nice.
Still a bit “rough round the edges” IMO - I find the app interface is not very intuitive for some activities.
e.g. I want to create an “IoT” user (so I can block from internet in one pass) and assign all my smart switches, ip cameras, Xiaomi gateway etc but some of these devices are not available to add to a user.
Also their use of location seems broken - I see maps in alerts that are completely wrong and illogical.
But I do see a lot of potential, and hope they open an API ASAP. It really will help them drive adoption from communities like HASS.

Folks, I had to contact customer service for an issue (they were really nice and solved my issue in a timely manner). Anyway, I mentioned in passing that it would be great for some of us, home automation enthusiasts, to have an API.

Their reply was that it wasn’t in the roadmap for this year but pointed out that suggestions should be made to [email protected] So I would encourage you to drop them a line and share what could be done if they would be gracious enough to have an open API. The more of us suggesting it, the better chance we get at bringing this feature to the top of the list.

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Email sent…

I agree :+1:

Figured I’d chime in, like @chairstacker I also have a fingbox, and use Unifi hardware on my network. It would be great to see some presence detection, but I’d also like to see several other sensors like internet speed, Wi-Fi performance stats, digital fence, etc… Basically if the fingbox monitors for it, we should have a sensor for it. I foresee a new hub component in the near future, lets hope anyways!


Mail sent!

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Saw this today, seems like a step in the right direction. Might sign up to see what it offers.

Form submitted:
Thanks for requesting more details about Fingkit.

We’ll be in touch soon.


Check this out:

Fingbox without IFTTT