Pressing my Zigbee remote control "Smart Button" turns on the unrelated light switch it connects to the mesh through

I purchased a THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Button and added it to my network, using my Home Assistant server (uses the Skyconnect Zigbee dongle).

If I view the mesh topology, I can see that the Third Reality Remote is connecting through the Aqara double rocker light switch in my child’s bedroom.

I have set up an automation within Home Assistant: When the Smart Button is pressed, it will toggle the state of the lights in my bedroom. This works fine.

Without any involvement from Home Assistant, however, pressing the button turns ON (I believe only ON) one of the double rocker lights in my Aqara switch in my child’s bedroom. Thereby possibly disturbing their sleep. (I am relieved that it does not activate the “Rooty-Tooty Point-n-Shooty Zigbee .50 Caliber Remote Controlled Smart Turret” I have trained directly onto my child’s bed, in case, y’know, an intruder gets in and attacks my child while they’re asleep.)

In Home Assistant logs I can see that the light switch is simply “Turned on”, which is how it appears when the light switch is pressed manually. (As opposed to “Turned on triggered by Automation XYZ…”)

I would say something low-level is occurring that triggers the light switch to turn on without Home Assistant’s knowledge.

Yesterday I found a thread where somebody with, I believe, a different device saying they had a similar issue, although I can’t seem to find that now.

In the thread I believe the person somehow identified that it was an issue with Zigbee2mqtt and it was going to be fixed there… Or something?

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t actually fully understand the Zigbee2mqtt vs “the other thing” within Home Assistant – I feel like there used to be two separate integrations, but I got a Zigbee controller after Home Assistant maybe “settled on” one of them? Mine appears to be “zha”, but the Zha documentation page obliquely references Zigbee2mqtt, and it’s not clear to me whether you can be using Zha “with Zigbee2mqtt” or something else, so I apologize in advance for my confusion there.

Any help is greatly appreciated.