Pressure sensor with esphome

I am looking for a pressure sensor to use with an ESP 32
Something along the lines of this device. Does anybody have any recommendations of a device similar to this so they have experience with

I am trying to monitor the Low pressure side of a regulator on a nitrogen bottle. From 0-15 psi
From what I can see this particular device outputs a voltage of up to 90 V.
I have a 1/4” hose on the outlet of the regulator so it would need to have a barb type fitting.

I have two of these.
One is 100 PSI and the other is 30.

Bought them on wish or AliExpress, haven’t had time to wire them up yet though

This TR Series device you linked does not output up to 90V. According to the datasheet, it outputs 10-90% of the supplied voltage (%Vs) - so if you supply it with 5V, the output will vary from 0.5 to 4.5V.

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I have one of these measuring irrigation water pressure. Seems very accurate but mine did get clogged from dirty water supply. Goes into ADS1115 which measures up to something like c.6v