Pretty circuit diagrams

I want to create some diagrams to document the way I have my smart lighting wired. There’s lots of circuit design software out there but they mostly seem to be aimed at DC electronics and schematics. I’m more interested in creating pictorial representation ofs the physical layouts, with wires in apporpriate colours and so on. More like the diagrams at and, for example.

I expect others in here are likely to have wanted to do something similar; can anyone suggest some suitable (and free) software for doing this sort of thing on Linux or browser-based? I’m starting to wonder if it might be a task better suited to general-purpose graphics or CAD software than electronics.

Have a look into


Yes, is the way. This is made with

And that is the easiest way, it can do much more…


Try LibraOffice Draw if you prefer a desktop app.

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Thanks, I’m giving a try - looks good.

I’ve got LibreOffice Draw installed as part of the Office suite but I’m not sure I’ve ever really looked at it. I’ll bear it in mind, although is also available as a desktop app.

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As with most web apps, I think that the app is simply a wrapper round the web version. I generally don’t bother with apps like that. Though if you need offline access, your needs may be different.

I have a license for MSFT Visio Enterprise but I still sometimes use LO Draw or an online tool as it can be simpler and easier to share.

I quite often use this for personal projects:

It’s an Electron-based application, like Visual Studio Code. I suppose that’s a wrapper in a sense, but it’s completely stand-alone.