Pretty confused about device tracker configuration options; a few questions

I’ve done a bunch of searching and reading but still am not super clear on the config options available for device trackers (specifically Nmap and bluetooth). I’m having an issue where both nmap and bluetooth tracking are frequently cycling between home and away, even though I’m sitting at my desk next to the rPi. The result of this is that my bayesian sensors are triggering inappropriately.

1. interval_seconds (Seconds between each scan for new devices)
1a. What is a “new device”? Is it a non-tracked device it sees for the first time, or a device transitioning from away to home?
2. consider_home (Seconds to wait till marking someone as not home after not being seen)

2a. Is “not being seen” relative to the last time the device is seen based on the interval_seconds?

3. home_interval (The number of minutes Nmap will not scan this device, assuming it is home, in order to preserve the device battery)
3a. is this for Nmap only?

4. Can Nmap use all three of these configuration options?

5. If a device tracker scans every 15 seconds (interval_seconds), it will see a device 4 times in a minute. If consider_home is set at 180, the device would be set as away if the device does not respond to a “ping” within 3 minutes. In other words, the device needs to miss the “ping” for 3 minutes (aka 12 “pings”).
5a. If a device misses the “ping” for 120 seconds, then responds to the “ping” at 135 seconds, does the 180 second timer start over?


Seems like my bluetooth tracker is working a lot more accurately after updating to 15/180. My Nmap tracker is still cycling home/no_home though.

At least this question is also interesting for me.
Any replies?

I never did find out what qualified as a new device, but interval_seconds was correct.

Please have a look at my logic.

  1. Suppose the "interval_seconds" is related to the new device - kind of “how often HA makes a scan for a new device”. Then this property must be a property of HA or some integration.
  2. Suppose the "interval_seconds" is related to some particular device - means “how often HA makes a scan for a presence of THIS device”. Then this property must be a property of THIS device.

Since the "interval_seconds" property belongs to some particular "device_tracker" then I would choose version #2.