Prevent an automation from executing if another one in particular is running or that it came to end

Hello, I hope you can help me (first apologize because my level of English is not very good) I wanted to know if it can be done that if an automation is running or is coming from running a specific automation is not triggered.

Just make a helper (input_boolean). In the first automation you set this helper to on (first thing you do in actions) and to off again when the automation is finished (aka, last thing in actions). For the second automation, simply add that helper to the conditions.

You may only want to add a third automation with HA start up as a trigger (and event automation_reloaded) which will always set the helper to off. Otherwise if you reboot HA (or reload automations) when the first automation is running it will falsely show on.


Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: