Prevent History page from preloading values

I may be alone in this, but most of the time I visit the history page it’s to investigate a single entity ID or a small set of entity IDs… and when I punch up https://<HA-IP>/history, I have to wait for the entire data set to load. It may only be a few seconds each occurrence, but if History could instead load with a blank Entity field rather than loading the state histories of every available entity ID, it would save me that time. Perhaps a “view all” button would allow the current function to be retained.

Agree on this, please do not forget to vote for your own request.

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Thanks–first time here.

You can specifiy the entity you want the history about in the URL:


You can get the same from the UI when pressing Show more on the entity popup:


About multiple sensors, here’s something interesting I noticed by playing around. If you do this for multiple sensors:


It actually behaves as one would expect (showing the history of only the listed sensors), but only for a few seconds. Then it will switch to the full history view with all entities. Sounds like a bug / unintentional feature.

Yeah, I know about chasing down individual entity history from the popup. But this is cool:

I hadn’t tried that. It would be great to see a slick UI built for this… maybe something like the Lovelace UI for building an Entities card:

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this would be so much more useful, mine takes ages and ages to load…

the history for multiple entities gets a vote from me too

I started writing a new history card that improves on the problems I feel the original history panel has:

  • Can be configured to display any combination of entities, in single or multiple graphs, in any order
  • Configurable colors and graph styles
  • Pixel perfect alignment of the horizontal time axes of all graphs (the lack of this is driving me nuts on the original history panel !)
  • Zooming and panning
  • Easy navigation on the history timeline with a more efficient date range picker and quick jumping by day or week
  • Much faster than the original history

Still lots of work though. Might put that up as a custom card if anyone is interested, once I consider it generally usable.

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Hey, this thread got me motivated. I wrote a new history custom card that does pretty much everything this FR asks for (and much more). Let me know what you think !