Prevent new version from converting databases

A while ago I wanted to test a new HA beta version. When I started it, it converted a data base (zigbee or recorder) to the next level. After that, I could not go back to my original HA version.
Is there a way to disable the upgrade of databases?

I do not know if there is a way to prevent a database upgrade.

I always have a full backup before upgrading so that I can easily revert everything to a known state if needed. Did your backup fail to restore?

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Restoring a backup is a big risk can cause a lot of damage.

Please explain.

Just to answer the original question. No, you can’t disable the database upgrade. It’s an integral part of the version upgrade. The new version won’t work without the database updates. I also am curious why you think restoring from a backup is a big risk. Honestly, if it is for you, you aren’t doing a useful backup.