Prevent phone from sending this information to HA

After the latest HA update on my phone, I get these in Home Assistant.


How can I prevent my phone from sending this information in Home Assistant?

I don’t want to configure Home Assistant to block, or ignore the phone. I want to prevent the phone from sending this information.


What software are you using on the phone to send this information in the first place?

Its the latest version of home assistant app

I’m not seeing this. What version number do you see in the app?

Are there settings within the app to decide what data to send?

Here’s mine

What app are you using? There are a few now.

He is using the iOS app which creates the sensors he mentioned. I don’t have an iOS device to check the settings, but I would assume the option is in the iOS app settings somewhere…

And how do you know this?

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Because this is the default behaviour of the iOS app the android app doesn’t do this (yet).

The latest version supports location tracking and battery level. However the battery level is exposed as an attribute of the device_tracker and not a sensor itself.

Well, the app has been updated…

BTW: if someone is running either the iOS app or the Android App, they should probably share that tidbit of information, instead of just saying “The latest version of the app”

Here is a view from Integrations tab that shows the sensors tied to my iPad using the iOS app. Looks the same as OP.

Well having just updated my Android to the version that reports location and battery status, I still don’t get sim card, bssid, sim information - these are still default behaviours of the iOS app.

This is how we can determine that the OP is using an iOS device. No need to be abrasive.

Cool. I have an iPad too.

I’m not being abrasive, I was curious if the app actually got these features.

I am tired of people assuming app parity though…if you come to a forum and state “the latest app”, please explain what OS you are referring to. It’s annoying. I was excited that we finally got these features in the Android app.

The way I see it - if there is settings in the app for being selective about what data is sent, change the settings. If such options don’t exist, you have two choices.

1 - rewrite the app to add the settings
2 - use a different (or none) app that is less intrusive