Prevent your smart speaker from turning EVERYTHING in HA on or off at once?

Is there anybody out there sitting in a smart home with more than 20 or 30 components using a smart speaker integration?

My question is: How do you deal with smart speakers frequently misunderstanding your requests and accidentally turning EVERYTHING on or off at once?

I suspect, none of the google home or alexa engineers working for the smart home team of their company actually lives in a smart home. Otherwise they wouldn't have implemented phrases like "turn the light on" or "turn everything off" into their smart speakers in the first place. Or at least they would let their assistants check back to the user, if he or she _really_ want's to turn everything on or off before going berserk.

After exposing the light, script and switch domains from HA to google home, it took my GH about an hour or so, to misunderstand one of my requests thoroughly and afterwards transforming my house into a funfair while happily responding something like “Sure, turning on 98 devices!”. Yay, good girl!

I’m curious, if my main fuse would drop out, If I’d also expose the remaining devices like covers and HVAC devices and my GH misunderstands me the next time…

I already thought of ways to mitigate this problem:

To at least reduce the effect of a misunderstood request, I could expose nothing by default to GA and configure every device I want to expose separately via entity_config. But even then, turning on or off every single exposed light, socket, cover, climate component, scene or script at the same time is still a big annoyance rather than being useful in any conceivable use case.

To prevent that, I already defined a bunch of shortcuts in google home to intercept the most “dangerous”, i.e. easy to misunderstand, phrases.

But as my GH speakers are trying hard to (mis-)understand my requests, I identified about 150 german phrases consisting of a meaningful combination of only 8 unique words that could tempt GH to turn on/of a lot or all devices at once:

“mach/schalte (bitte) alle/alles (Licht/Lichter/Steckdose/Steckdosen) an/ein/aus”

I’d have to define about 30 shortcuts to catch them all. Possible, but definitely inconvenient. BTW, is there a batch job to add shortcuts to google home…?

Did some of you face the same problem? And if so, did you solve it? If yes, how?

Haha, HA also provides the service to turn on off all device together.