Preventing Google Assistant to turn on/off multiple devices at once

Is there any way to prevent Google Assistant from controlling multiple devices in the scope of one command? At least in my case, this situation is always erroneous. For example, yesterday Google Home didn’t get the end of my command and parsed just “switch on”… @#$%! It turned on ALL my exposed switches (more than 10 including all smart sockets and artificial ones like vacation mode). In other words, if Google Assistant is going to target more than one device, I want the command to be simply discarded.

Not sure whether it’s possible to do on Google Assistant or Home Assistant side. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Plus one for this! Have had issues both ways: turning on all devices (tens of devices) or turning everything off. Bot of these are really problematic! Last time I had to rush to the balcony to turn off water pumps before all the plants getting flooded.