Preventing Temperature Spikes from Weather Station

I have a weather station with a 3D printed Stevenson Screen similar to the one included in the images. Every day when the sun hits my balcony where the weather station lives, I get temperature spikes. My setup is as follows:

Weather Station:

  • D1 Mini connected to BME280

I have a second sensor just plugged into a breadboard to test the accuracy of my sensors. That setup is as follows:

Test Temperature Hub:

  • D1 Mini
    Dallas ds18b20

The results are as shown in the attached 48 hour graph.

Is there any way to prevent those afternoon spikes? I am sure they are just from the direct sunlight. I’ve tried shading the sensors and it doesn’t seem to be enough.

You could add a filter, but the temp change occurs over a long time, right, like hours or something? filters will loose a lot of data.
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