Preventing Xiaomi Gateway from updating itself and breaking everything?

Hi guys,

So I’ve had a Xiaomi Gateway with a few sensors and buttons for a while now, and it’s all going fine. However, it seems like every month or couple of weeks it will become unresponsive, flash lights at me and talk chinese. I’ll then need to mess around with it, probably attempting to connect to it in a few different ways before it will update the Gateway firmware, at which point I’ll need to re-enable the wifi protocol and copy the NEW access code into my config.yaml. I have had to do this at least 5 times already, and it’s really annoying. I’ve also been woken up by flashing lights and a computery chinese voice shouting at me. Last time this happened I pulled it from the wall in anger and I haven’t set it up again.

In an attempt to stop this behaviour and to interfere with Xiaomi tracking I’ve blocked the gateway from connecting to anything on the web - I think - but to no avail.

Please help me? Has anyone got this system set up and then NOT had to mess around with it constantly to keep it runnning?

Thanks for reading!

hi mate

I have 3 gateways running, for the past 5 weeks with no issues and a load of different sensors.

I blocked the IP’s on the Router (BTHUB6) so the hub cant update, however I found a problem that all my temp / humidity sensors stopped working… this might be down to the hub being blocked or something happened at the same time…

I have never experienced the issue you are describing. I have multiple gateways and they do have access to the internet and Xiaomi’s servers. Even in between firmware upgrades the access code stays the same and never experienced what you’re describing.